Guoyuan-Auspicious China, this series of products selected three Chinese zidioms-“As old as crane”, “Carp leaps through the dragon’s gate(meaning success)”, “A golden future” as inspiration. Crane, carp, Hare each represents people’s good hope and yearning for longevity, promotion, as well as success.
The design chose a variety of bright colors: Turquoise has the meaning of “safety and health”; joyous China red, symbolizes success; elegant Kumquat, stands for wealth, giving people a certain visual image of comfortability and warmth. By using a special type of paper, the outer packaging has boldly employed the shape of Chinese traditional lanterns as a symbol of reunion, and it also can be used twice for environmental protection at the same time.
The overall design of this serious of products has amazingly rich traditional Chinese style. By adopting different auspicious elements from Chinese culture, the products present people a good, harmonious and beautiful China.

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