The Steam Tower is a multi-functional cooking accessory for preparing healthy food in any standard oven. Primarily used for steaming, it can also be used for cooking, baking and dehydrating food. The steam tower relies upon the proven culinary principle; making sure the food remains juicy, crispy and delicious by retaining its liquids, vitamins, intensity and flavour. For steaming fish, meat and vegetables, baking trays are stacked in a tower and covered with a lid to keep the moisture inside. The lid fits on all trays and can also be used for baking bread or pizza. Thanks to the special and patented grooves on the bottom, dishes can be stacked with a 45-degree rotation to provide air flow for dehydrating vegetables, spices and fruit. Diverse food for a complete meal can be quickly prepared in one process and aesthetically served directly on the dining table. Trays can be stored one into another to save space.

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