The new GEM range of pots and pans is characterised by an elegantly shaped black matted body in cast aluminium and a remarkable non-stick inside coating. The handle of some pans can be removed with one simple click allowing the body to be used in the oven too!

With a clear yet subtle stylistic expression, the GEM cookware from BergHOFF is an interesting eye-catcher in any kitchen. The cookware is made from cast aluminium guaranteeing an even and steady heat transfer ensuring culinary success on any cooking surface, induction included.

The inside coating is an eco-friendly and non-toxic layer with excellent non-stick properties allowing to cook without or with a minimum of added fats. The coating also has great resistance to scratches and makes clean-up simple.

The handle has a pleasant feel and stays cool, blending into a harmonious unit with the black pots and pans.

A full-disc base ensures even heat distribution throughout the complete surface avoiding hotspots and local burning of foods. This set guarantees culinary success on any cooking surface, induction included.

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