Qinyuan RO water purifier is the perfect embodiment of Qinyuan we help build brand image symbol and implement. We fully interpret the brand’s attributes is care.And presents a unique modeling concept: the overall shape of the large rounded,embody the rounded sense of the product, which has affinity; the surrounding each other, to enhance the readability of the basic shape, reflects the design language of tolerance and love. These design languages are penetrated into every product of the family, forming a unified sense image and social image, helping enterprises improve, shape and disseminate images.
This series of water purifier put screen on the side of the fuselage. Even if the water purifier is put into the cabinet, users can clearly see the information in the screen and operate it. At the same time,the screen use healthy and soft light to improve the users’ feeling. In the continuous contact and use of consumers and products, we perceive the information and brand information conveyed by the products to help the enterprise and product quality to set up a good image.

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