In the development of the next generation of gardening nozzles great value was placed on the ergonomic handling and ease of operation. No unnecessary strength is needed when operating the self-locking ‘one-click’ lever. It can be operated with one hand and non-slip soft rubber elements on handle and lever ensure optimum grip, even with wet hands.
Thanks to the use of ABS material the nozzle is extremely durable and also resistant to dropping from a height onto concrete. Sealing parts are made of pure, natural rubber which guarantees no-leakage and prevents from problems like porosity.
The nozzle is equipped with 6 infinitely selectable spray patterns and moreover you can adjust the amount of water conveniently with your thumb. Due to the extra-large shower head the watering of wide areas is easily done. An extremely gentle and soft water stream prevents soil from the disturbing splashing and the ultra-fine mist function is perfectly suitable for delicate plants.
The cone-shaped holes in the shower head are not punched but molded, which leads to an extremely gentle and soft water stream. As a matter of course the shower head can be detached for cleaning in case it gets clogged.

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