Gardena Premium sprayers
Our objective was to design sprayers fit for their purpose, with best-in-class ergonomics and with a premium visual character.
Extensive research was carried out to find the most optimum shape for the handle, making it as comfortable as possible for a wide variety of users. The handle with its flat sides allow for precision and control and the black soft grip areas in the rear, on the trigger and spray heads underline the grip areas. The black material in the rear wraps around the handle in the direction of the trigger to emphasize the thumb and index finger grip.
The circular form, always present in the refined Gardena brand design DNA, is carefully implemented. From large forms down to how small details are treated.
Emphasizing the premium character we gave the sprayers a dark tone complemented by contrasting elements in aluminium whereas the nipple carries the embossed text “Das Original”. Orange are solely used on functional interactive parts.
The surfaces are textured to obtain a robust feel. The sprayers are a part of a bigger range of application based watering solutions.

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