Twister’ can refer to a tornado, a rope turner, a curveball, or a dancer of the twist. It is also a square garden parasol with a circular shaped surface. The design is ‘twisted’ because of its use of materials, the combination of seemingly opposite geometrical forms, and its elements that are both square and round at the same time. The parasol has a fresh, light, and playful appeal. The canopy is sunresistant and waterproof, and it offers excellent UV-protection. In rain or sunshine: the Twister always shows its best side. Its technical ingenuity is apparent in the use of only the very best materials and in the frame that is cleverly hidden. All technical elements are practically invisible as they are completely hidden away on top of the canopy. Underneath, a lightweight fabric loosely hangs down to let the wind play freely. With the slightest breeze, each flag will move to the rhythm of the wind, and square and circular shapes will swirl around. This is how the twisted marriage of geometrics and nature really comes to life. As if dancing, the wind weaves its way among the flags. Circular becomes square and angular becomes rounded.

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