For centuries parasol bases have made it impossible for users to move the parasol to just that sweet spot. They have been a costly brain bender for distributors on how to solve handling & logistics of tons of granite and different sizes of pole diameters. PLINTH reinterprets the classic form of a parasol base as an aesthetic object releasing new functions. By letting users buy sand separately it reduces logistic costs significantly. With the almost sculpture like way of eliminating the old tube PLINTH has an easy assembly that also makes it possible to position close to tables or chairs. With our self-explanatory elements & smooth sandbags, it has never been easier for users to move their parasol. The sandbags give a vibrant aesthetic and a natural feel with strong outdoor performance keeping them good looking for years. At first sight the sandbags may seem naive, but at second thought there is no other means of weight that so effortlessly lets the user move the parasol on any surface. With a clear and elegant use of shapes as well as unconditional functionality, PLINTH complements the garden in a way a parasol base has never done it before.

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