Vertical garden is an unique, flexible and very functional system to plant on balconies, terraces, walls or indoors with the additional stand. The vertical Garden is modular extentable at will in height and width and is easy to build up. The user can plant immediately fresh herbs, lettuce, small tomatos, even strawberries or flowers. By its advanced watering system it is easy to maintain the plants, excess water is collected in the downside water tank which is easy to take out and used to water the plants from top again.
The watertight backplane protects the wall from getting wet and carries each 3 planters, which are connected at the back and thereby form a continous earth bed through all planters, thus enabling the roots to go from top to bottom, ideal for plants with long roots f.i. tomatos. With the extension set the vertical garden doubles easily in height by another 3 planters, using the same bottom water tank. The additional foot allows for free standing, or assembled back to back forms an ideal and attrractive room separation.

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