Medusa was cursed having snakes instead of hair and ugly body, when people looked into her eyes, they were immediately turned to stone. There was a saying Medusa also became a stone because she saw her eyes from other’s shield. Based on the sad story, CP6 would like to present stone Medusa via concrete. Concrete especially shows Medusa’s stone status with fine details of snakes and stunned expression.

Taiwanese Medusa combines the advance technology of 3D printing, customized silicon-rubber material and traditional molding technology to present the complexities of architecture concrete. The product is specifically designed for vine and its presence enhanced the beauty of Medusa. The modesty of concrete strongly portrays the spatial and light perception without stealing the plant’s spotlights away.

Six different species of venomous snake which only inhabit in Taiwan are chosen to replace the hair of Medusa. The promising quality of mass production can be reflected in both the fine details of the strip pattern and the various angles of each vipers pointing at. We wish that the Medusa raises the public environmental awareness and promote affordable everyday aesthetics.

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