The hanging gardens of Semiramis in Babylon were one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. With the innovative plant container Sky Planter from Boskke, you can bring a little of the impressive charm of the miraculous Babylonian gardens into your own home.

An eye-catcher that makes perfect sense

The design of Sky Planter makes it virtually impossible not to stare incredulously at this plant container. That’s because with this system the plants are actually growing from the ceiling! Sky Planter appears to defy gravity and make the impossible possible. How can it be that these pots are upside down but nothing falls out? And how can you water them? For all of these questions that will preoccupy some people when they look at the innovative plant container, the sophisticated design has a clever solution.

Making possible what appears to be impossible

In order to keep plants, soil and water in the Sky Planter, it needs a refined system comprising a mesh, a side cover and a watering system. While the mesh and the cover keep the plant and the soil perfectly fitted in the plant container, the watering system with terracotta diffuses the roots with wetness, preventing any water from dropping down. Of course it’s up to you what you decide to plant in your Sky Planter: From decorative flowers or ferns to delicious kitchen herbs – the possibilities are endless!

Award-winning design for green ceilings

The Sky Planter from Boskke is innovative and well thought through down to the smallest detail. This plant container finally provides a solution for using the ceiling space, which would otherwise remain empty, in a useful and decorative way. The innovative plant container won the sought-after Red Dot in 2011. The Sky Planter is available in three different sizes (small, medium, mini); additional accessories (ceiling hook with string, various wall assembly sets) can be ordered separately.

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