Roseta – a set of selfwatering bowl and vase – is bringing a new dimension into the branch of the funeral floristics. Its graceful shape honours the memory of the departed in a dignified manner, with the lace detail being derived from the decorative rosets used in floral bunching. The technological solution of its shape is very innovative, so far unmatched by any manufacturer in the trade.

Thanks to its conic shape flared downwards, our selfwatering bowl and vase is very stable, even if the weather is adverse. By way of a simple component manipulation, the vase enables to switch between the variant with a balance weight and the variant with a recess, as the customer may desire. The selfwatering jardiniere is manufactured in two diameters, 30 and 40 cm, the vase comes in the volumes of 1 and 1,3 liter. Inside of the vase there is a functional accessory in the form of an arrangement grid that makes it possible to position the flowers appropriately.

Thanks to the selfwatering system, the flowers in the selfwatering jardiniere will not perish even on the hottest summer days.

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