Food container in many parts of Asia is a collective love memory.  This BB(Bento Box) is designed to create our warmth and sweet greenery life.
This multi-functional BP(Bento Planter) is designed by Antao Design Group. It’s not a simple planter but very playful combining the concept of BB and house planter.

The BB shape hides the two-layer container tray inside. The bottom tray is with seed shape holes, which are permeable to air and water.  While the top bamboo charcoal fiber layer forms a ‘moisture shied’ which is an innovative planter device in China. It has smart water storage and purification system, which has the self-adjust watering system. Furthermore, the central four-hole filter cup allows balance watering simultaneously.

Every BB comprises of all planting tools, sealed package for seasonal seeds (i.e. strawberry, Pitaya fruit and lemon balm) and peat soil and a guided brochure.  It is easy for any houseplant beginner.

The functional water filter cup in the BB is not only for watering and storage, but can be developed to humidifiers and micro night-lights in the future.

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