LivePicture GO bridges the gap between plant and art. Unusual and beautiful, it hangs on the wall as easily as a painting. LivePicture GO stands out with its minimalistic design, so the plants get all the attention they deserve. Due to the innovative and patented capillary wick inside the plant cassette the plants can maintain themselves in perfect condition. There is no additional energy source needed for operation. Only once in every 4 weeks the tank needs to be refilled with water. Technical details are almost completely integrated in the design, for the perfect finish. The product also features two detection systems. One indicates when the tank is about to be empty and the other indicates when the tank is almost full when filling it. The exchangeable plant cassette makes it possible to change the look of the product during the year, without getting your hands dirty. Based on the Circular economy idea all components are made of high quality plastics and possible to disassemble and recycle completely after disposal. LivePicture GO can be supplied in various colors.

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