The GreenBall Planter is a new design of a multi-functional planter in the shape of a ball. The GreenBall Planter comes with 3 hangers – Ceiling hanger, Wall hanger and Table base, allowing you to place it easily, on any of the hangers, at any time with no special efforts everywhere around you.
The Greenball surrounds you with 360° nature in a very simple way. The GreenBall hangers are semi clear (no color), giving it a floating balls design on the air, on your wall or even floating on your table.
The GreenBall base hole fits all 3 hangers making the” switching hanger” process easy and simple and lets you design your home and garden differently every day.

The GreenBall has an easy comfortable drainage mechanism, it open into 2 parts. While the upper part is the the planting space, the lower part is used as the drainage tray for the extra water. Even if you keep on watering the Greenball, all the extra water are back into the ball from the upper evaporation holes located next to the ceiling hangers holes on the top of the ball.

With Greenball you can buy your product at the sale point with no need to decide where to place it in your home, you have all your options in one product

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