Pendularis is a fascinating eye-catcher that enhances public and private spaces: a representative statement for sustainable thinking and a mark of Swiss pioneering spirit. Thanks to its elegant design plants seem to float in space. The modular system allows for freedom in the design and use of Pendularis as a room divider, along walls and railings or over desks and furniture. Plants can be rearranged quickly and easily in the specially designed planters with their sophisticated clip system. Cultivating plants in a mineral substrate means Pendularis plants are easy to maintain – even if you don’t have green fingers. Larger displays can be cared for using a clever automated irrigation system. Specially developed LED lights even allow the plants to flourish in rooms with less than perfect light conditions. With variable shapes, lengths, colours and plant selections, Pendularis provides unlimited possibilities for transforming interiors into soothing green oases.

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