Doppio, a selfwatering flowerpot, is inspired by the nature´s organic shapes, especially by the motif of overlapping leaves. The selfwatering flowerpot Doppio consists of two components: the inner container that you put the flower and the substrate in, and the outer container that simultaneously serves as a water reservoir. The plant will first draw water by means of a wick and capillary shafts as it naturally rises due to the capillary attraction. Once the plant has lowered its roots through the perforated bottom, it will draw water out of the reservoir through them. The selfwatering flowerpot Doppio´s shape can be modified by turning the inner component by 180° and fitting it again into the outer one. It is being manufactured in size Ø14 cm, which makes it ideally suited for placement on the dining table or the window sill; the array of colours on offer includes the spring or autumn shades. All in all, there are actually 10 colour combinations which inspire to put out flower arrangements.

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