The new bowl planter LECHUZA CUBETO Color with its natural looking surface and its rough stone look is a real highlight. The classical yet natural planter is available in two sizes and is perfect for setting accents in living rooms, as a decorative element on patios or as a beautiful adornment for graves.

The well-proven LECHUZA sub-irrigation set with its 1.6 and 3 liter water tank provides plants with just the right amount of water and nutrients. The removable plant liner makes caring for the plants so much easier and as the bowl is made of light polypropylene it can easily be moved around.
When used outdoors, excessive rain water can drain thanks to the overflow system and removable drain plug, protecting plants from stagnant moisture. The use of high-quality, robust plastics that are weatherproof against UV rays and frost garantuees that the LECHUZA products will last for years.

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