The new LECHUZA CANTO Color Cube made from robust polypropylene that is weatherproof against UV rays and frost is equipped with a plant liner and the well-proven LECHUZA sub-irrigation system. Clear lines with rough edges offer a solid frame for a playful arrangement of plants. The rugged, natural stone look enhances tender leaves and opulent flowers, making the CANTO Color Cube a modern and flexible design element for indoor and outdoor use. With the overflow system and the removable plug, excessive rain water can drain while the planter defies any weather.
The natural stone look of the CANTO Color Cube appears surprisingly real – wonderful additions to any modern home! The frame and hand grips of the liner match the planter and the liner can easily be removed. There are even more creative options, as the liner fits into the cube as well as the column-shaped CANTO Color. The LECHUZA sub-irrigation set with a 3 liter water tank ensures that plants prosper and flourish. Premium LECHUZA quality – made in Germany – guarantees long-lasting joy over planters and plants.

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