This plant container is a real eye-catcher. The transparent design of the Boskke Cube from Boskke means that you can see what normally remains hidden. And even though greenery and blossoms are naturally the first thing we think of when we think of plants, the view of the soil is just as fascinating.

Fascinating insights thanks to an unusual design

Instead of hiding away the balls of earth inside hard earthenware or opaque plastic like ordinary plant pots, the Boskke Cube is refreshingly transparent. Clear, stable plastic forms a cube with a recess into which the plant can be inserted. This allows for fascinating insights. The square exterior design forms a ‘monitor’ on which the otherwise hidden organic processes underneath the soil can be observed. But the square body of this design plant pot not only serves as a monitor-like observation space, it also incorporates a practical irrigation system that supplies the plants with water for up to four weeks.

Surprisingly different

The Boskke Cube has succeeded in completely reinventing an everyday object – and making it better! The plant container will win you over with its clear and innovative design with sophisticated functions, providing the opportunity to satisfy your natural human curiosity. The Boskke Cube won an award at the Red Dot Design Award 2014 for this achievement. You can buy the original plant pot for your home – for adventurers, design lovers or simply those who are lazy about watering their plants!

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