The Twins collection is composed of two armchairs sharing the same DNA. The low armchair, with its round soft shape, looks more feminine when compared to its big brother. The intention of its designer, Alberto Sánchez from the Valencia-based studio MUT Design, was to transmit a feeling of utter warmth in outdoor spaces while providing further versatility through the use of new and unique technical fabrics.
Twins low armchair comes upholstered in 3D Mesh Omega™ Outdoor, a technical fabric specifically developed by the Danish company Gabriel for Expormim. It is a very resistant fabric, created to endure harsh weather conditions and the demanding conditions of the hospitality sector. It grants comfort without giving up on aesthetics, thanks to the attractive color palette and the seductive 3D effect.
All these features have helped it cross the borders of the garden to successfully gain over all sorts of indoor spaces, such as waiting rooms, hotel lobbies and bedrooms, reception areas, conference rooms, offices… Exclusive, beautiful, functional and suitable for indoor and outdoor use, Twins low armchair brings together all the values of an excellent design.

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