Gently rocked “I sit a lot in the garden under a green shade with a book in front of me that I glance at for two minutes, before lapsing into my own spleen” – this was the German lyricist Eduard Mörike’s vision in the 19th century of life in the garden. The design of shallow swing builds on such feelings of lightness. The filigree form language of this structure, suitable for sitting or rocking, was inspired by the idea of petals on a lawn. Shallow swing is an elegant yet stable piece of garden furniture that is as at home indoors as outside. Its basic structure is a generously sized wooden frame covered with fabric. Gisbert Baarmann, the designer of this distinctively rounded form, calls it a “hyperbolic parabola”. Therein lies its origins. A circular base has been twisted in a way which creates two pairs of high and low points opposite one another. The resulting saddle shape stabilises the frame whilst keeping the fabric covering elastic. Shallow swing’s wooden frame, with its gently sweeping form, is hand made using a lamination process that provides weatherproofing for outdoor use. The saddle shape of the frame stabilises the stretched textile which can be distorted without problem. Shallow swing is a lightweight, dimensionally stable and yet elastic, transparent structure for dozing or gently rocking as well as offering protection from the sun.

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