The QOQ [ KWOK ] – life & passion – Extravagant and comfortable.
Through exceptional design , sculptural character and customized form generated QOQ voltage , attracts attention and provides maximum seating comfort . The circle is the perfect basic form. It symbolizes wholeness, infinity , perfection and union of all opposites. A lounge furniture which thrilled.
 QOQ can boundaries between land and water , exterior and interior , design and comfort merge into each other. A high-quality furniture for the outdoors that makes the same time in the living room best figure . Carefully selected materials maintain freak weather was , even in strong sunlight reserves QOQ shape and color , rain runs off , a shower with a garden hose is sufficient as cleaning out . Through the opening in the middle of no water collects in the seating area , which QOQ can also be used as lounge furniture in and on the water. With its stackable shape of the available space is used optimally. Stacked QOQ acts as an object of art , very functional and beautifully designed . Two contrasting colors and individual branding QOQ make the perfect advertising medium. QOQ is available in five standard colors and countless special colors. QOQ – the chameleon of furniture ! 100 % MADE IN AUSTRIA

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