NOROCK table bases use a simple mechanical system with four pivoting legs that are interconnected in such a way that they must reach an average weight loading on all four feet.

When a table is placed on an uneven surface, the feet will move until all four feet reach a state of equilibrium or more simply, a state of stability.

The NOROCK Esplanade table base is a beautiful slimline cross style base ideally suited to elegant settings.

With die-cast aluminium legs swooping down from the centre hub, the Esplanade has a minimalist feel, whilst still embodying the patented NOROCK stabilising system.

Available in a range of colours; as well as a classic polished aluminium finish; the Esplanade is finished with a high quality coated surface suitable for outdoor and seaside locations.

The Esplanade is completed with a colour-coded stem and matching top plate.

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