LobiTEC – the patented wooden terrace
LobiTEC decking boards are left in their natural
states and do not have to be oiled. Over time the
weather will cause a natural greying of the surface
so that, after some time, your terrace will take on
an elegant silver-grey hue.
LobiTEC decking boards, with their patented
milling systenm are available in different types of
high-quality timber. The price per square meter
includes special screws, dowels and glue.

The advantages of LobiTEC
• invisible solution fi xed with special screws to
• joints remain aligned and entire joint
arrangement is clean and regular
• hidden joints prevent valuables from falling
• seamless, wide terraces
• reduced slat formation
• no precise axis distance necessary as end
joints do not have to be in contact with
substructure laths
• rapid water run-off
• special headers prevent misalignment of
end joints
• signifi cantly improved durability
• easy to clean
• great strength means more stable terraces
and improved durability (Ipe 23 mm, thermo
ash 26 mm, pine 26 mm)
• good aeration
• wide boards ensure high-class aesthetics
and fewer joints

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