Josefine: A deckchair with three functions! Josefine is an elegant wooden furniture developed for hotel gardens or saunas, but also for your own green oasis. The full length deckchair is changed extremely easy into a short lounge sofa or a garden chair. With Josefine no compromises are necessary! The seating position has a high back and is very ergonomic, the perfect place to read or even work. Both lying positions are super comfortable because of a flowing shape, which perfectly supports once body and invite you to linger. During the transformation of the chair a particular change of direction occurs which can be used to get out of the sun without having to move the whole furniture or to create zones. Especially larger facilities might create quiet zones and communication areas in a garden or on a terrace. The lying positions may be for sunbathing and relaxing, the sitting position for reading and chatting.

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