The DOTTY pouf of the Roolf collection is a 100% Belgian product. Made of 100% polypropylene in a flatwoven structure, the fabric shows a natural, soft look which is significantly different from the existing polyester looks of today… especially for outdoor furniture ! The strong textures of the fabric and the property of polypropylene makes the pouf easy to clean with a (high-pressure) garden hose. The pouf is all weather resistant : due to the UV additive integrated in the P.P., the fabric is protected against UV radiations and due to the permeable fabric, water flows through. After 1 hour in the sun, the pouf is dry again. The pouf is filled with EPS granulates. This makes the pouf ultra light and extremely easy to handle, and on top of this, it makes the pouf floatable. You can use the pouf as a seat to relax in the pool !
Because of it’s ergonomic model, the Dotty pouf is also very comfortable to sit. Not like many other beanbags or other poufs, you can sit comfortably for hours. The Dotty pouf comes today in 3 sizes : the square size, the seat pouf and the XL seat pouf.
Definitely an innovation product in the Outdoor lounge furniture category.

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