CONTVING fire pit is an excellent combination of a design item and a practical appliance. It is a possibility to set up fire literally anywhere, and most importantly, without causing harm to the environment or flooring. You can easily move the fire pit around wherever you wish to. It is made by combining the state-of-the-art metal processing technologies with a masterful handiwork. The 3 mm thick steel together with high quality welding and post-processing ensures outstanding strength of the fire pit and almost life-long service. The heat-resistant coating ensures resistance against corrosion and also gives a Fire Pit an excellent velvety look.
Plywood tabletop smartly turns the outdoor fire pit into an elegant designer table that can be also used indoors.
The handy Firewood Basket to store firewood near the CONTVING fire pit comes with a matching bag for easier carrying of wood which is designed in a form resembling the log basket.

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