Biela (~white) chairs create a monolithic, uniform, yet airy impression. Their shape provides great strength, and is also aesthetically unique. The chairs are available in a dining chair and a more laid-back easychair variant with shallower angles.

The chairs are made of 9 mm thick, stone-like solid surface material, to which no stain can adhere. Biela is just as well suited for outdoor use and wet environments as any indoor setting. The material is also UV resistant, therefore even long term exposure to the sun can not weaken it. Solid surface materials so far has not been often utilized to make
chairs, thus providing never before seen properties. Due to it’s material and aesthetic quality, resistance and sturdyness, it is an object with a long lifespan, unusual for outdoor furniture.

A drain hole is placed at the intersection of the seatpan and the backrest to allow the rain water to drip away. The weight of the chair is 12 kgs, which is still portable enough, but the wind can not topple it.

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