The Higold Airport outdoor collection by Nicolas Thomkins. Corrugated sheet-metal(CSM ) made of steel or aluminum has been known and mass produced all over the world to cover walls and roofs for any kind of domestical or commercially used buildings. The corrugation in varoius proportions are the synonymous for longevity and a never aging esthetic apperance, CMS is most versatile and cost-effective, production is simple and the applications are boundless. CSM was used by the Junkers Airplane Company of Dessau as the most suitable material to build the first and biggest fleet comercailly used planes. It’s typical wave design also became the standard apperance for durable high-end travel luggage. This is why I have chosen ‘Airport” as a description and name for my first ourdoor collection for Higold. Corrugated anodized sheets are inserted into flat-metal frames like pictures. By adopting architectual proportions and elements the Higold ‘Airport’outdoor collection can be imbedded in public environments as well as in private gardens and on the terraces.

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