Easy Feeder

The W’inn/Wilko Easy Feeder is all about inclusive, user-centered, eco-conscious design. All the features included are based on real user needs or problems. Firstly, the funnel shaped spout & easy, ‘flip-top’ removable lid allow the feeder to be refilled in situ – no need to remove from the branch or bring inside, and no flappy lid to get in the way. Threading the hanger over branches & spilling the contents is now no longer an issue; the Easy Feeder’s removable, adjustable rubberised strap allows for upright hanging wherever you fancy – simply unfasten at either side! Finally, the feeder is breathable & easy to clean, with each individual component disassembling for easy access. This model also includes a 2-in-1 perch & seed catching tray to reduce mess. The design is affordable & uses recycled plastics are used wherever possible.

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