Grow fresh fruits and vegetables indoors, year round with SproutsIO, a smart microgarden that learns from you. Enjoy the benefits of a garden controlled from your mobile device where you live, work, and play.
SproutsIO revolutionizes the concept of local produce with a high performance growing system that brings the producer to the center of the food chain. The SproutsIO System provides a thoughtful end-to-end experience by integrating our smart microgarden, “sIO” seed refill, and mobile app.
SproutsIO enables you to grow produce based on your personal preferences. Personal Produce™ is grown in system according to settings you customize. This combines the satisfaction of participating in the growing process with the comfort of knowing how your food is grown from seed to harvest for results you can taste. Regional, seasonal, and heirloom varietals are now possible any time, any place – from home living spaces to high-rise offices and professional kitchens.
The more we participate in food culture, the more likely we are to make informed food choices in the future. SproutsIO makes a deeper connection with food possible, creating a new, healthy lifestyle through Personal Produce™.

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