The my beacon ® manufacture has specialised to make high-quality event torches / terrace heatings, hand maggot in Germany.
my beacon ® is a guarantor for mood for good sensations, way of life and an absolute eye-catcher.
Only two in one solution my beacon ® event torches with approx. 70 cm high flame or my beacon ® terrace heating – is the result of 100% of German manufacture work. Everything unites in a device. Safety standards authority-certificates.
The special flame picture, a strong yellow flame which is constantly in movement – also with absolute calm is the result of the especially handmade Fackelements and the arrangement of the protective discs made of high-quality chimney glass by which even with wind the flame picture is preserved.
Another Alleinstellungsmal of the my beacon ® is the conspicuously formed, conical formed body. The 4-surfaces of approx. 65 x 205 cm in each case can be used for individual advertisement perfectly. Particularly a Teilflächenbeklebung with magnet foil is to be recommended very much, because this can be adapted any time topically or be redecorated. The customer can request absolutely without obligations and free of charge for indi

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