The Master Lock® Bluetooth® Lock Box is a convenient, durable, and reliable way for people to wirelessly grant access to their homes, businesses and vacation properties. The lock box is securely mounted to a building to provide easy storage for keys and access cards. Entry is granted to guests through the owner’s smartphone or with a numeric code. Using the free Master Lock Vault® eLocks™ app the owner can grant and control access to the lock box remotely, manage multiple users, and view the lock box’s usage history. Master Lock’s Bluetooth Lock Box provides users confidence in securing their property keys with the convenience of managing activity through their smartphone, without contracts or ongoing data use fees.

Master Lock’s Bluetooth Lock Box is a trusted and easy-to-use solution for:
• Home healthcare workers visiting patients
• Home sharing hosts (like Airbnb) and their many guests
• People who need to grant access to multiple guests such as: children, extended family, gardeners, housekeepers, dog walkers, maintenance workers, etc.

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