A place for garden birds to get their fill Birds are the kinds of guests we are happy to see in our gardens. That’s why feeding them at home is such a long-standing tradition, as it gives us the chance to see our little visitors close up. Little song birds need a feeding ground that will provide them with the best possible nutrition, especially during the winter months and on cold, wet days. And with the Landhaus bird feed dispenser, Emsa has developed a feeding station that offers everything birds need: portion control ensures that bird feed will always stay fresh, clean and dry when stored in the feeding station, and what’s more, it also makes sure the food won’t be soiled by the birds. The weatherproof feed dispenser can be completely dismantled, which means remarkably thorough cleaning is possible. The transparent front section also makes checking the filling level easy. The feeding station is also a real eye-catcher in the garden with its well-established Landhaus design and natural shades. And with the right feed, it is not only sure to delight the little songbirds all year round, but also all those watching them.

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