foop is a new type of interior enhancement which allows you to enjoy hydroponic gardening with your smart phone. Constantly monitors and manages temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, water level, lighting level; as well as automatically adjusts air pump cycle, LED lighting level, FAN strength by foop’s vegetable growth recipe. Since the foop smartphone app is integrated with Facebook, user can update information of growing vegetables to social networks platform through foop smartphone app.

Round cylinder type shape, button-less design with smooth Hida Wood. There are a number of design ideas for your new lifestyle with home grown vegetables.

All function buttons are put into your smart phone. We put all function buttons into the dedicated smart phone App, so you can operate foop in a modern and familiar manner.

The foop App will make home gardening easy and fun for everyone. You can intuitively start home gardening with your smart phone right away. Download the App that will tell you “what’s up” with your vegetables.

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