Smart plants sensor to control the watering, growth and state of  your plants from any mobile device Technological system aimed at the agricultural and gardening sector for the optimisation of irrigation. It enables users to know the conditions of the soil and area in order to give plants exactly the right amount of what they need, when they need it. Fliwer monitors, controls and takes into account meteorology. It knows the needs of plants, takes decisions and enables remote control by the user from a computer, smartphone or tablet computer. There are different versions available: for domestic use, for agriculture, for cities and for sports fields.

Plant and play system. Wireless system that prevents the environmental impact of cable installation.
It contains five sensors: atmospheric humidity, temperature, light, soil humidity, electrical conductivity (nutrients).
It gains access to and analyses weather forecast information, which enables it to save between 50% and 80% more water than current irrigation timers.
It contains a knowledge base with information on different plant species in order to optimise irrigation performance.

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