As the summer draws to a close, the evenings become cooler. This is the time to round off the day comfily outside on the patio. The FireGlobe fire bowl from Eva Solo is just what is needed to provide a stylish and cosy atmosphere and pleasant warmth.

A sculptured fire bowl for the home

It is the sculpted form that makes the FireGlobe fire bowl so attractive and enables it to elegantly fit into your surroundings at home. The slightly tilted, hemispherical shape protects the flames from the wind. The grid in the floor of the bowl ensures that the fire gets just the right amount of oxygen. As a result, the flames can develop under ideal conditions, thus providing a cosy fire.

Safe and durable

The FireGlobe is made from long-lasting stainless steel which makes for an extremely robust fire bowl that is easy to look after. Its built-in handles enable it to be simply and comfortably moved when not in use. Furthermore, FireGlobe’s form protects the flames from the wind, thus avoiding to a large extent unwanted flying sparks – something that should not be underestimated when it is being used to safely provide heat on a patio.

Cosy warmth for outdoors

An elegant, sculptured form and a maximum level of safety and comfort during use come together in the FireGlobe fire bowl by Eva Solo. It provides a attractive fire for evenings outside. You can now buy this elegant Red Dot 2015 prize winner.

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