Variable, practical and easy to integrate. This new concrete transition flagstone is the perfect addition to the walling system “Avantgard Vario-Line” with its variable application possibilities. It combines practicality with an elegant appearance and a whole range of additional creative design options. The transition flagstone has a specially designed tongue and groove system that allows it to be fully integrated into the wall with ease. As a lawn edging stone, it creates a “sweeping” transition between any wall and the lawn or flower bed. This not only looks great, but also simplifies lawn care, because lawn mowers can be used on the stone, which means the lawn edges do not have to be trimmed. The Vario-Line transition flagstone is also ideal as a slope reinforcement and for bridging differences in height. Anyone who wants to give their wall a special flair can also integrate this gently curved transition flagstone into other places, for example as an individual element in the wall to accommodate ornamental plant containers. This innovation is a good example of how concrete manages to delight artistic souls, nature lovers and individual.

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