When it comes to garden and outdoor furnishings, many now look for pieces designed to provide comfort and style. Our terrace roof system, Alulite, offers just that.

It provides more than just an expanded living space; it also enhances the appearance of the home. The aluminum profiles are finely contoured highlighting its sleek look. The surfaces are visually smooth with all the screws concealed. Integrated dimmable warm white LED lights create a beautiful atmospheric lighting for the roof. Alulite truly stands out in its minimalist design.

Alulite can be constructed up to 7m wide with a depth of 6.4m supported by only 2 pillars. It is engineered to be stable, holding heavy snow with a capacity of up to 400 kg/sqm. Alulite is CE certified and can be customised to your architecture in various structural conditions, shapes and colours.

It can later also be closed up into a conservatory using our aluminum or all-glass sliding doors. With Alulite, you can have more light, space and outdoor living throughout the year.

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