Pressure cleaning reinvented
Pressure washers are a must-have in every house. However, they are not free from limitations. They are bulky and heavy to be moved around and, most importantly, they must remain at reach of an AC mains and a water tap all the time. The new Worx Hydro Shot™ redefines the way we spray water to remove dirt, dust and grime anytime, anywhere. Unlike conventional pressure washers, the HydroShot runs on battery and draws fresh water from any source: buckets, ponds, bottles, tanks… Perfect for countless applications around the home and on the go, including bikes, sports equipment, decks, patios, windows, gutters, tools and outdoor furniture. Its miniaturized pump is housed in the lance and is capable of 320psi (22bar) water pressure, more than 10 times a water hose. Multiple pressure settings control jet stream intensity. Rotating head allows switching from mist through to pulsating sprayer capable of eliminating caked-on dirt.

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