The PROMIX Spreader’s sleek and ultra modern patent-pending design departs from typical industrial looking spreaders. The ergonomic design and functionality make spreading grass seed, lawn fertilizer or winter ice melt products easy and hassle free.
Unique product features like auto-stop prevents spilling of material. When you stop walking, product does not dispense. Large rubberized wheels create smooth and efficient maneuverability across uneven grass and create better traction compared to plastic wheels when used to apply ice melt products in the winter. The open wheel design also allows for wider dispersion of product, no particle build-up , and ease of cleaning. Dual edge controls provide accurate and precision spreading of materials to desired areas. To make it easy to open a bag of grass seed, lawn fertilizer or ice melt products, there is a built-in bag cutter in the handle of the spreader. When you are finished with the spreader it is easy to clean and store into small compact footprint. The hopper and handle easily unhinge. This item assembles and disassembles in under a minute and occupies less than .2m2 of storage space.

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