The Offner Top-Grip line captivates with a visually balanced finesse, which combines the classic Retro-line with a modern design.
The classic side is reflected in the generation long consistency of the production facility, while the modern component links it to the lifestyle of a new generation.
The non-slip, soft-touch cover is comfortable to hold and thus guarantees the user a good grip for optimal control of the tool during work. Special emphasis was also put on ergonomics – a lot of details like shaft length, grip size, material thickness etc. contribute to optimal user friendliness. Fatigue free and ergonomic working were the main goals when developing the tools.
The tools consist of hardened materials and are forged manually in up the 32 steps. Only certified quality steel as well as premium (European) kinds of wood are used in the production process.
The Top-Grip line manages to optically transport the inseparability of past and future, thus proudly celebrating both over 260 years of company history together with the dynamics of the future.

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