Unmanned Mowing Vehicle
The new Landroid S (small) adds to the existing Landroid range that also includes the model L (large) and M (medium). It is packed with exclusive features which makes it the perfect choice for lawns up to 400m². One key issue with most robotic mowers is that they leave a strip of uncut grass around theperimeter of the lawn, which has to be trimmed manually. The Landroid S addresses this common issue as it is able to mow to the edge thanks to its off-center blade. Another problem with all robotic mowers is that the charging station has to be placed on top of the lawn and with the time becomes a mess of uncut grass all around it—in contrast with an otherwise perfectly manicured lawn. The base of the Landroid S is virtually invisible. In addition to these exclusive features, the Landroid S inherits from its bigger brothers the AIA technology, which takes approximately 30% shorter time to mow a given surface, compared to competitor products with random operation. The AIA technology also allows for the Landroid to easily navigate narrow and intricate passages effortlessly. The Landroid S is easy to program and operate thanks to its smartphone friendly interface.

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