Gardena city gardening Balcony Kit
People are drawn to the cities. Whether because of work, or because they simply enjoy the thrill of city life. A green retreat is also required here – which is why mini-gardens are being created. The basic need to create and maintain the city gardeners green oasis gave birth to the Balcony Kit.
The kit consists of a shovel, a rake and a broom. All protected against the weather by a space saving storage box where its lid also works as a dust pan.
Our target for the tools was for them to feel natural in the users hands, so lots of time during the design process was focused on finding the best comfort in relation to task at hand. The grip is enforced by a dedicated thumb area and second antislip over-moulds.
Ergonomics first! On top of that specific brand design ques has been implemented where appropriate, such as circular based form elements and color.
The shovel and rake is made more robust and sturdy by the usage of cast aluminum parts.

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