The set of digging tools consists of 4 elements: spade pointed and straight, shovel, soil fork. MATERIALS AND TECHNOLOGIES: Shafts are made from steel with enhanced strength. Heads are made from hardened boron steel. Lower part of head is strengthened with induction hardening. Pressings ensure rigidity and durability. Handles are made from composite with fiberglass. On their sides there was used Safe Touch flexible material which prevents the hand from slipping. ERGONOMY: Handles are shaped in a way allowing for grasping in multiple ways. Cross section of shafts is oval and fits in the hand. Bending angles of shafts ensure proper working posture. Shafts are covered with anti-slip material. Heads are equipped with footrest ensuring convenient plunging into the soil. FUNCTIONS: Tools are made for soil care: digging and pouring. Closed grip prevents soil, concrete, etc. from getting to the inside. AESTHETICS: Tools are stylistically consistent with other Ergo Line products. Shapes result from functions, design is minimalist, and no redundant elements were used.

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