Care tools for garden and potted plants are distinguished by their harmonious, beautiful and user-friendly shape. They fit in perfectly into current hygge trend, what is unique in the garden tools category. Colours refer to nature: earth and water. The product fits into modern urban gardening category. It is designed for users that care about their surroundings and plant care is a part of their lifestyle. During the design process anthropometric data were used. The final result is an ergonomic, oval-shaped handle that fits hands comfortably. They are easy to handle as the centre of balance is positioned optimally.

The tools despite their airy feel are really strong and durable thanks to use of composite with fibreglass. Matte texture is pleasant to touch and ensures firm grip. Product is expected to last years of continuous use thanks to the innovative material.Tools’ shapes have no crevices and hard to clean spots. Precise construction is resistant to mechanical stress, and optimised to use as little raw material as possible. Injection mold sizes are reduced to achieve optimal efficiency. Packaging is minimal, uses recycled paper and efficient print.

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