AMV has been working hard side by side with TOPSUN to take their new line of outdoor power equipments to a higher level: simple, clever and in harmony with nature. In fact, the new products are lithium powered and therefore work in absence of noise, emissions and cords. Still, what is more remarkable about this new era beginning is that all applications – trimmer, blower, chainsaw and brush cutter – use the same 36V Lithium-ion battery thus achieving maximum modularity, expense reduction and pollution limitation (one battery only + no emissions). AMV developed the perfect design in order to make this all happen at the same time: the focus was on the styling and technical solutions that could enable the use and placement of the same battery in all tools, taking this limit as a stimulating challenge. Naturally, that was not the only technical indication to follow, as these gardening equipments obviously needed to be ergonomically friendly and aesthetically attracting as well.
The result is a complete line of lithium products for all gardening enthusiasts who want to enjoy a quiet, smart and fully green experience.

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