UNA is a compact, portable table-top charcoal grill that revolutionizes outdoor grilling. It creates an exciting social experience anytime and anywhere; a summer meal with friends on a garden terrace, an intimate barbecue on a city balcony or a picnic at the park. It’s minimalistic design, full of smart solutions make it a unique, multifunctional grill, that is easy to carry along and usable on any table or surface. The cover, available in five fresh colors, ensures compact storage and makes UNA quite easy to take along. It doubles as a secure foot for the grill, just by taking it off, reversing it and clicking it underneath again. Clever solutions protect the surface underneath from overheating. A heat shield directly under the charcoal forms the first barrier. The vertical air inlets at both sides of the metal frame ensure a natural air flow. They attract cold air, which is led along the grill’s heated sides and released again on top, optimizing the heat reduction. The robust leather handle makes UNA quite easy to carry and stresses the product’s quality look and feel. The grill has two heights above the charcoal and recessed spaces for skewers for ultimate user convenience.

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