Sculptural shape – Reduced to its essence Aesthetical archaic fireplace, perfect finish, sturdy with a powerful sense of tranquility. Material Blackburned solid steel grillring 12mm, welded to the 6mm bowl (patented). The surface of the bowl has been allowed to evenly rust and contrasts attractively with the dark shade of the ring. Perfect workmanship Seamless welding and an angle of inclination included in the grillring prevents from any deformation due to temperature differences. The intermediate bottom (patented) guarantees perfect heat distribution and sets fire on a visible level. Innovativ and functional No need to wait for the embers to glow and the right temperature: Enjoy the warmth of the burning fire during the whole time while barbecuing. Barbecuing Slow indirect barbecuing with temperature zones from 150 to 300 °C. Easy and fast cleaning with steelbrush and scraper. Complete success in every respect Enjoy conviviality with guests having a barbecue together in the chairs/tables Kubus around a cracling fire through all seasons. Sustainability Materiality that makes the Feuerring grow even more attractive with age before one day becoming a coveted heirloom.

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